Fishing for Cichlids



World wide fishing trips are very popular, one of the best places to fish is in lake Malawi in Africa, There you will find large very colorful and active fish. Some people enjoy diving with these fish too. To take home memories of the most fabulous fishing trip ever, why not add some cichlids into your house by setting up a fish tank?


Keeping tropical fish in a home aquarium is an exciting family hobby that millions of people across North America enjoy. When I say tropical fish, I mean the freshwater species that are easy to care for. One of the common complaints about these fish is they tend to hide under rocks and behind plants and you can not really enjoy watching them swim. Consider switching to African Cichlids, for more information on these styles of fish visit as it will fully explain what you need to know.


To save some time, here is a quick guide on these pets for the family. Some may notice I just called cichlids pets, cichlid keepers will tell you they have real personalities, they get to know their owners and wait for feeding time. They always swim about protecting that territories and this is very entertaining to watch. One error people do is buy a cichlid for their tank and then notice a few house later, all the fish are dead. These are vicious fish and should only be kept themselves. Read up on compatibility to see why here


One of the nicest things about this hobby is they need to have many species in one tank. If you place only 2 kinds in your aquarium, they will fight all the time. The best way to prevent this is t pack the fish tank full of these colorful companions and they will nerve be able to protest their space all the time so they will learn to live with one another much more peacefully whirl you enjoy watching them swim busy all the time!

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